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The Adventure All Ways trails are designed to link up the most incredible green spaces and long-distance walks in Yorkshire; winding through peaceful green dales and over vast heather moorland, alongside thundering waterfalls and soaring white cliffs peppered with Puffins. Some of the most diverse and beautiful landscapes in England are right here, waiting to be explored. So pull yourself off the sofa and swap a view of the TV for panoramic blue seas and rolling hills. Let the fresh country air blow the cobwebs of modern life away and relinquish your stress to the sound of birdsong. 

We hope that young people will realise and experience how great it is for your mind and body to spend time outdoors. We've walked the entire 300km route and every day spent on the trail was incredible! There are more exciting things to do in Yorkshire than we ever thought possible and we want to help send you into the wild! On top of all the fun of exploring on your own doorstep you can sleep soundly (in a tent beneath the stars!), knowing that you're helping to protect the planet by travelling sustainably on your own two feet! And on top of all that you will find that this kind of adventure brings  both thrills and peace, awe and understanding, and the deep primitive joy of exploration and survival! 


Meet The Team


I’m Emma, I’m 23 and studied Natural Sciences at UEA. I’ve always known that I want to work in the environmental sector, but still don’t know more than that! I love walking and camping and feel so privileged to live in a country with such beautiful and varied landscape that I want others to be able to appreciate it as well. One of my favourite places in Yorkshire is Dalby Forest. It’s so quiet and calm you can escape from everything and feel like the only person in the world.

I think being outdoors and challenging yourself physically and mentally are so important for health and happiness that it should be a part of everyone’s life. For this reason, I’m particularly interested in making the information and user experience as friendly and easy to use as possible. Difficult-to-read maps and information can be very off-putting and shouldn’t be a barrier to exploration. I also think it’s wrong that flying abroad can often be a cheaper and easier option than holidaying in your own country and reflects our consumerist, throwaway society. I want to make holidaying here more accessible, commonplace, and desirable, for the good of environmental, and human health.


Hi, I’m Hannah. I am 24 years old and have recently completed a geography degree, during which I got to travel to Iceland to do fieldwork. I love to travel and work outdoors, particularly by the seaside. My top wildlife experience has been watching a mother turtle lay eggs whilst volunteering in Greece. My favourite place in Yorkshire is Gordale Scar near Malham. As a child I went on a camping trip here and would enjoy exploring the stream so much so that before the end of the first day I had got all my clothes wet. My role on the Adventure All Ways project is to work on outreach to get as many people as possible out into the AMAZING Yorkshire landscapes!

Hi, I'm Lauren. I'm a 23 year old photographer, nature lover and environmental activist with a BA in Cinema and Photography. In the future I hope to live in an eco village and work for an NGO campaigning about climate change. 


My favourite mountain in England has to be Helvellyn in the Lake district, but that's not to say that Yorkshire doesn't have its fair share of good walking country. My favourite places in Yorkshire are Thornwick Bay, Ilkley Moor and the dales. If I can give one piece of advice about how to lift the spirits it would be 'go outside'. We would all be a lot happier if we spent more time walking on the beach or cycling in the forests. Take a little time in your day to observe and treasure the comings and goings of wildlife, which so often go unnoticed, and you might find that your worries drift away. 


Hello, I'm Georgina a 23 year old from Kent who has come north to uncover the unbelievable beauty of Yorkshire. My background is in art and design which I studied in Cornwall, Leeds and London before returning to learn all about conservation and ecology with Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. My favourite place in Yorkshire is the stretch of canal connecting Hebden Bridge to Todmorden, where every concievable alternative home has been crafted - from canal boats to canapy tree houses and fruit and vegetables grow along the banks. I'm really excited to explore and share the hidden jewels of Yorkshire, highlighting its natural beauty and fantastic people through art, adventure and story telling! No matter what your interest, everybody can find something to surprise and inspire them without travelling far from home, impacting the planet, or spending a lot of money. Adventure awaits!

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