The best way to explore the Adventure All Ways route is on public transport, which is a more sustainable way of travelling than by car or plane. It can seem a bit daunting trying to work out the best way to plan a holiday using only public transport but it can also add to the fun - many of the railway lines and bus routes pass through some beautiful scenery! A day spent travelling can still be a memorable part of journey and lots of changes also gives lots of opportunities to explore new towns and cities. A big top tip would be to pack as lightly as possible as it makes travelling on public transport much less stressful. If you are travelling with a bike, bear in mind that on TransPennine Express trains you now need to book space for non-folding bikes in advance. 

Public Transport at the Coast

The Coast section of our route is the easiest to access and get around with public transport. Direct trains run to Scarborough from York, Leeds and Hull and there is also a direct bus link to Middlesborough. Once at the coast there are frequent bus services between Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay, Scarborough, Filey and Bridlington, whilst Bempton and Flamborough are accessible from less frequent train and bus links. This is a great place to start adventure-ing as the transport links makes it possible to do a days walk and use public transport to return to where you started. 

The X93 Middlesborough to Scarborough runs between Whitby and Scarborough every twenty minutes during summer Mondays to Fridays. It takes about 35 minutes from Scarborough to Robin Hoods Bay and 25 minutes from Robin Hoods Bay to Scarbrough.


Scarborough - whitby

This historic line from Scarborough to Hull sill operates, with many of the station's keeping their original character. The Northern Rail service runs through Scarborough, Filey, Bempton and Bridlington roughly every hour and a half. Just remember to check for any cancellations or strikes before you set off.

yorkshire coast community rail partnership

bridlington - scarborough

The 12 &13 bus services run between Scarborough and Bridlington running every twenty minutes.  Route 14 runs between Bridlington and Flamborough every hour.

east yorkshire motor service

Bridlington - Scarborough

Public Transport in the moors

Once into the North York Moors travelling by public transport becomes a bit more difficult so it is important to take the time to plan ahead to make sure you can get back from your holiday. The eastern side of the Moors are by the Esk Valley Railway Middlesborough to Whitby lines, which passes through Ruswarp, Sleights, Grosmont, Egton and Glasidale. Further west, Helmsley and Kirkby Moorside are the easiest place to get to, with direct bus links to York and Scarborough. If you are planning on walking all of the Moors section then the best place to finish is in Osmotherly. From there, there is a bus link to Northallerton which has direct trains to York and Leeds. 

For useful information and tips on getting around in the North York Moors check out this page from the national park.​ In particular some useful routes to look at might be the Transdev 31 and 31X and the East Yorkshire Motor Service number 128.

North york moors national park


One of the most beautiful railway lines in England, the Esk Valley Railway runs through the spectacular scenary of the North York Moors and links the rural communities to Middlesborough and Whitby. There are only 4 trains a day so be sure to check the timetable beforehand. Sunday services also run and, in July and August, there is an extra'music and ale' service on Friday evenings.

esk valley railway

Glaisdale - whitby

The 80 or 89 runs every two hours between Northallertona nd Stokesley. It takes about twenty minutes to get to Osmotherly from The Buck Inn in Northallerton. The service does not run into the evening or on Sundays. 

abbots of leeming

osmotherly - Northallerton

Public Transport in the Dales

The easiest place to get to in the Yorkshire Dales is Settle, in the south west. This can be accessed by train direct from Leeds and Carlisle. The next train station on the Adventure All Ways route is at Redmire. From here the steam train running along the Wensleydale Railway line to Leeming Bar, where there are frequent buses to Northallerton. There are also buses which run throughout the Dales although check the timetables carefully as many of them only run on Sundays and Bank Holidays. The hardest part about Public Transport for the Yorkshire Dales section of the walk is getting into and out of the area. From Richmond there are bus links to Ripon or Darlington and from these places buses and trains can get to Leeds and York. Just be prepared for more planning and organising if walking through the Dales section of the route. 

Advertised as England's most scenic railway, the trains running along the Settle-Carlisle route are now operated by Northern Rail. The trains go onto Leeds, running roughly every 1 to 2 hours and taking around an hour. Going the other direction the first stop is Horton in Ribblesdale which may be a useful stop for visiting some of the Challenge Trail points of interest in that direction.

settle-carlisle railway


This is an excellent website providing information on the bus services that run throughout the Yorkshire Dales. The ones which may be most useful for the Adventure All Ways route are the 156 (which goes from Aysgarth to Leybrun, Catterick, Hawes and Gayle), the 874 and 875 (which goes through Aysgarth and Kettlewell all the way to Leeds although only runs on summer Sundays and Bank Holidays) and the 159 (from Richmond to Ripon). Remember to double check the buses before setting off as things can change.  

Dales Travel Info


Travel along this rural line which has survived from its creation in 1847. MORE INFO NEEDED

Wensleydale railway


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