the four trails

To make it easy for you to find the activities you want to prioritise, we have split the route into four trails which offer different sorts of experiences. The nature trail, the challenge trail, the arts trail and the mindful trail. On each trail page you can link through to points of interest focused upon these four types of experience. If you would prefer to plan your adventure according to location instead then please scroll further down this page to find our suggested treks. We've split the route up into coast, moors and dales and then we've broken these parts down into manageable chunks where you can find accommodation at the end of a days walk. Have a great time planning your trip!

The Arts Trail
If you're feeling creative
The Mindful Trail
If you're looking to reconnect
The Nature Trail
If you want to go wild
The Challenge Trail
If you've a taste for adventure

The coastal bit

This is the simplest part of the route to follow because you will hug the Yorkshire coast all the way. If you're walking you should have sea views almost all of the time, which is glorious when it's sunny and often exhilarating when it's not.  Along the way you might like to stop off for some dolphin watching, surfing and snorkelling! There are lots of beautiful and quirky seaside towns dotted along the path including Whitby, Scarborough and Filey. You are guaranteed to come back from this section with an array of wonderful memories, stories and photographs. The ammenities are great: there are lots of camp sites, shops, pubs, hotels and even 3 YHA's if you fancy comfort without the added costs. It's also easy to access this landscape! You can catch a bus or train to Bridlington, Bempton, Scarborough, Filey, or Whitby to start or finish your walk. If you drive then you can park at one end and take the train along the coast back to your starting point. Perfect!

Section A
Bridlington -Filey
(20 miles)
Section B
Filey - Scarborough
(8 miles)
Section C
Scarborough - Whitby
(20 miles)

The bit over the moors

This part of the route is pretty wild! This is the UK's largest expanse of moorland; a vast undulating landscape with huge skies. These moors are home to a lot of rare and unique species as well as animals you might be more familiar with, like roe deer and otters. If you really need a break from urban life and need some space to run free, then the moors might be the place for you. In August and September, when the heather begins to bloom, this landscape is transformed into an endless sea of floral purple (which is really great news for the bees!). 

Section D
Whitby - Rosedale abbey
(16 miles)
Section E
Rosedale abbey - Helmsley
(13 miles)
Section F
Helmsley - Osmotherley
(16 miles)

the bit through the dales

This part of the route is the hilliest and most changeable! Strap yourself into a good pair of boots and set off through a magical landscape full of lush green forests, dazzling waterfalls, vast caves, wildflower meadows and quirky little villages. 

Section H
Richmond - Reeth
(10 miles)
Section I
Reeth - Newbiggin
(13 miles)
Section J
newbiggin - Kettlewell
(11 miles)
Section K
kettlewell - Malham
(10 miles)
Section L
Malham - Settle
(6 miles)

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