Sustainable Travelling

By holidaying in Yorkshire and travelling by bus, train bike and foot you will be helping to slow climate change. Most cars and airplanes can be really damaging for the environment because they use so much fuel per passenger! (See below). Calculate your carbon footprint here and find out what you can do to save the planet. WwoofUK have some brilliant tips on travelling green here.

Hiking Tips

  • Stay on the path wherever you can to avoid damaging native flowers (this also helps to keep big bad wolves at bay).

  •  Bring a bag with you to pick up bits of litter you find on the trail. It's really satisfying to know that you've done a good deed of the day and left the path even cleaner than you found it. 

  • Please don't feed wildlife. We don't want animals to become reliant on humans, nor do we want them to expect to be fed. Feeding seagulls, for example, has made them more aggressive towards people and many humans have been attacked by these birds whilst eating their sandwiches! 

  • Research weather conditions, terrain, journey times and tide times before you set off and write these on a piece of paper in case you can't access the details on your phone. 

  • Have a buddy system where you arrange to check in with a family member or friend every few hours to let them know that you're safe, or that you have arrived at your overnight destination. 

Fight climate change with food

If you're feeling powerless about tackling climate change it might help to know that following a plant based diet can cut your environmental footprint in half! That means you can do something really helpful for the world just by getting a bit more adventurous with your diet! Producing food for a vegan diet requires only 1/20th of the land which is needed to produce a diet including meat, and it guzzles up much less water too! If you want to give veganism a go you might find a trial month helpful. Some people prefer to take it slowly and swap one thing in the shopping trolley every week for a plant based alternative; for example trying oat or hemp milk instead of dairy milk (which is produced by an unnaturally enormous number of industrially farmed, methane-producing cows! If you would like to find some tasty vegetarian and vegan food along the Adventure All Ways trails here are some cafe's which you can try!

100% Vegan café with profits going to an animal sanctuary!

CALF CAFÉ, Scarborough

Find vegan food near you, wherever you go!

Find Sustainable eateries using the veggie/vegan app 'HappyCow'

'We are proud to offer a variety of cuisine to suit all tastes, 

including Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan and Vegetarian menus. Peaceful outdoors courtyard. Open 7 days a week!

Retreat Bistro, Grassington

if you would like to find out how you can adjust your diet into one which protects the planet, wildlife and humans then check out cowspiracy; a documentary about food production and resulting habitat loss, pollution and climate change. 

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