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Malham - Settle (6 miles)

Settle - Malham

Settle - Malham

Settle - Malham 1

Settle - Malham 1

Settle- Malham 3

Settle- Malham 3

Settle - Malham 5

Settle - Malham 5

Settle - Malham 4

Settle - Malham 4

Arts Trail Highlights

A gallery in a telephone box!

'We believe the Gallery on the Green is the smallest public art gallery in the world.'

The Gallery On The Green


Quirky ornaments and fittings from a local artist blacksmith!



Live talks, workshops, demonstrations and exhibitions and some very lovely art.

The lime Gallery


Nature Trail Highlights

This woodland is situated at the edge of Malham Tarn basin. In late spring it's full of yellow globeflowers!

Globe Flower Wood

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

This is an amazing site with tarn and bog has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to the amazing species and habitats found here. There's a boardwalk surrounding the tarn making it easy to have a wander. 

Malham Tarn


A fantastic opportunity offered by the RSPB and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority who run a viewpoint so you can catch these impressive hunting birds in action. We recommend checking before you go because they're open seasonally!

Peregrine Falcons 

Malham Cove

Mindful Trail Highlights

Challenge Trail Highlights

Enjoy this natural playground of rivers, pools and falls. Please swim safely! 

Take a Dip at Stainforth force!

Caving descent into Gaping Gill not far from Settle at the west side of the Adventure All Ways trail.

Explore the secret depths of yorkshire

The lower pools have a wider spot for a swim. Be careful if it's high water after rain. 

Take a dip At Ghaistrill's Strid!

Mindful Trail Highlights

The car park at Malham National Park Centre is a dark sky discovery site! You'll find you can see many more stars here on a clear night than you can in towns.

Dark Sky Reserve

This dramatic scenery is a fantastic place to get away from everything and simply appreciate the natural world. Find a quiet moment to practice meditation or yoga in inspiring surroundings. It's also a wonderful place to head for a beautiful sunrise (you'll miss the crowds too).

be one with your breath

Strengthen your immune system, lower your blood pressure and enjoy the health boosting effect of being amongst trees.

forest bathing 



You will be following 'The Dales Celebration Way'.

This is a signposted route, quite hilly, some parts are not on a clear path.


There is a YHA youth hostel in Malham:  

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