Section H

Richmond - Reeth (10 miles)

A victorious effort!

A victorious effort!



Marking our passage

Marking our passage

People are tiny in Yorkshire

People are tiny in Yorkshire

Off she goes!

Off she goes!

Striding out

Striding out

Challenge Trail Highlights

Alfresco Adventures offers many different Challenge experiences across Yorkshire. Try your hand at abseiling, archery, bushcraft and raft building.

Alfresco adventures


Ebike & bike hire, bike maintenance, and cafe this place has it all for cyclists. You can even stay over in one of their dorms!

Dales Bike Centre


There's a huge range of activities on offer. Quad biking, abseiling, assault courses, archery and more.



Mindful Trail Highlights

A friendly group who hold meetings every second Monday of the month at the Dales Centre in Reeth. They welcome anyone no matter what experience or equipment you have but do ask that people ring or email in advance if they wish to come to a meeting.

Reeth informal astronomy group


The ginger tree offers natural beauty and holistic treatments in the secluded setting north of Richmond. Using organic materials and natural products, the treatments include massages, manicures and pedicures.

Ginger Tree 


"There is a beautiful plunge pool on the river Swale: swim and look up to the Norman castle ramparts as the roar of the tumbling water shuts out the rest of the world"

River Swale


Nature Trail Highlights

This peaceful little garden behind the main square is open to the public daily between 1st April and October 21st 2018 10am - 5.00pm. 

Millgate house

Richmond (section G/H)

A great place to head to for all the info about the local area.

Reeth National Park Centre

Reeth (section h/I)

Five miles of footpaths through meadows and ancient woodland near the river Swale.

Hudswell Woods

richmond (section G/H)

Arts Trail Highlights

Michael Kusz creates unique sculptures from upcycled materials, mainly copper.
Born in industrial South Wales, with access to all sorts of old tools and materials, many creative hours were spent in dismantling and figuring out how things were built.
 He has an 'apprentice' - Jo the Crow.

Graculus sculptures


Nice modern little gallery

mackenzie thorpe arthaus


"Aladdin's cave for the Artist and Crafter as well as the Art Lover"Gallery and art material stockist.

Gilpin Small Arts



You will be following 'The Coast to Coast' or alternatively the Dales Celebration Way

A few hills but not too hard going. You can catch a little white bus between the two locations to make this a one day walk. We parked in Richmond, caught the bus from the main square and walked back again following the directions in Martin Wainwrights 'The Coast to Coast Walk' guide book. 

Basic instructions direction West- East (use with a map): Start on the large green in Reeth and head down the hill on the road. Cross over the river and then turn right through a little wooden gate into a meadow. Follow the path to Grinton Bridge via stone steps. Cross road into field opposite.  Cross and take a path leading to Marrick Priory (now an outdoor activity centre). 


Climb up the hill through Steps wood to Marrick hamlet. Leave the wood and follow the edge of the path along the edge of a couple of fields until you see the lane through the village. Turn right at the phone box and right again to reach a green lane. Follow the sign saying coast to coast. Go over a few stiles through the following fields in front and to the right then go down the hill where Nun Cote Nook farm sits in the valley on the left. Go right down the road at the bottom of the valley and then shortly after go left towards Ellers farm and Ellers beck. Go over the footbridge at Ellers beck and go up the hill towards Hollins Farm.


Keep the Hutton obelisk and Hollins farm on your right and continue slightly up hill. Bear left, leaving the farm behind you and go through a stile to a wall. Turn left up the slope with the wall on your right until a gate on the right where you pass to the next field. Cross the field to the road through a very small gate and go down the hill on the road into Marske. 

Go left over Marske bridge then turn right and continue for 450 metres before climbing a stile on the right. Follow the path across large fields and through new gates towards Clapgate beck and up onto the craggy hill where you can place your stone on the cairn. Follow the hill around to the right and cross a stile into a field near High Applegarth. Then take two more stiles across more fields until you reach Whitcliffe Wood until you come out at High Leases Farm. Follow the tarmac road down in to Richmond (you can also follow the road on the parallel grass path to the right).       


YHA Grinton Lodge just outside Reeth offers camping in tents or cabins from £9, as well as rooms inside a beautiful old building from £10. 

The Dales Bike Centre in Reeth offers a bunk house with prices including breakfast starting from £39.

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