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Tea rooms and Trekking

May is the perfect time to go for an adventure as it is packed full of bank holidays (well it has two). Taking full advantage of the nice weather and my mum’s very generous offer to lend me her car, I headed off for Grassington in the south of the Dales for a day of tea rooms and treks.

The village centre of Grassington was very picturesque and there were pubs and cafes aplenty to help fulfil the first half of the days aim. I picked Retreat Bistro and enjoyed a cheese herb and paprika scone. The Retreat also boasted a variety of lunches to suit diets including gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian, as well as allowing in dogs and having outdoor seating!

In the afternoon I headed off on a walk which started with a leisurely stroll by the River Wharfe. The river had many excellent spots for swimming and, for those hankering for an adrelaline rush, there was one spot where people where jumping in off the rocks. Further up the river there were some sweeping meanders with rocky shores, an ideal spot for me to stop, soak up the sun and practice skimming stones (really have fun throwing bigger and bigger rocks into the river until I ended up with wet shoes).

The path then turned away from the river and, after crossing a road, I stumbled across Grass Wood, a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reserve. This was a beautiful ash woodland and is the largest broadleaved woodland in the Dales. As ash is my favourite tree it was an exciting place to be and I spend a long time wandering along a few of the different paths to extend my stay in the woods. The wild garlic was looking grand in full flower and it felt a magical place to be walking, in part just because it was nicely shaded!

After the woods a farm track took me back into the village and at this point I was rewarded with a gorgeous view of the dales rising all around. I remarked to myself that limestone really is one of the best rocks and tried to recall what I learnt in my A level geology all the way back to the car – concluding that I had maybe not learnt all that much at all other than that it fizzes if you poor acid on it.

I took a detour on the way home via Kettlewell to sneak in a cheeky second cafe trip and then over the tops to Malham tarn, carefully avoided the many sheep roaming across the roads.

All in all it was a great way to spend a bank holiday and explore a new area! Happy adventure-ing =)

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