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Secrets of Yorkshire's East Coast

As Autumn approaches we've come to possibly the most beautiful time of year to explore the outdoors. Crisp mornings, falling leaves, bright rowan berries, and golden sunshine make this my favourite time to head outside.

Yorkshire's East Coast is home to a host of fantastic things to see and places to explore (though we are a little biased). Aside from the bustling seaside towns, impressive cliff formations and puffins, there's loads to see. Here we’ve put together a few of the secret places we came across on our travels (these three are all in Part C of our route).

Hayburn Wyke

Wandering down the Cleveland Way, close to the town of Cloughton, you come to a secret paradise. A stream runs down this wooded valley taking you out to a secluded pebbled beach. Even on a sunny day it’s surprisingly dark beneath the canopy of towering trees with vines climbing up the trunks, it feels a little like you’ve found a hidden world that's been there since dinosaurs roamed.

If you follow the stream running down the wooded strip you'll come out where the water tumbles down a cascade to a pool on the hidden beach. It’s the perfect place to picnic, clamber over rocks, explore and (try and fail) to skim stones.

Here's a link to a 5 mile round walk which takes in this gorgeous little patch.

From Boggle Hole to Ravenscar

5-6 miles there and back

This is a great little stretch of coast to explore, there's loads to see along the way and you can combine it with a trip to Robin Hoods Bay. Start at Robin Hoods Bay and wander along the beach towards Boggle Hole, though check tide times or you’ll have to head over the top instead. Along the way on this section of beach look out for fossils - they're amazingly easy and satisfying to find!

Once you've passed Boggle Hole head up the steps to the clifftops (yes there are a lot of steps here but the view back to the bay is worth it!). Follow the coastal path away from Robin Hoods Bay towards Ravenscar. On the way you'll come across some dramatic decaying concrete wartime lookouts watching over the sea, dip down into a Jurassic glade that's been taken over by horsetail ferns, and pass through a ruined Alum works. If you're short on time this little area of coastal path is a great place to explore with lots to see.

Scarborough Market Hall and Vaults

We love wandering around Scarborough - there's always new and interesting to stumble across. It's a seaside town full of character - wander along the rambling docks with crab nets piled high, step back into the 90's exploring crazy arcades, and dip into local art shops. Our favourite part of this little town is the Market Hall and Vaults.

This gorgeous market is set in a historic building, the main hall is light and airy, you'll find a bakery, café, fruit and veg, cheese stall, and more. Then above this wander around the mezzanine to find a variety of locally produced products and hand-made crafts. Finally, descend into the vaults below the market. This maze of little shops crammed into the arches of the cellar is great fun to explore – with antiques, vintage clothing, records and second-hand books it’s a hoarders paradise.

There's loads more to see and do on this stretch of coast. For more info and ideas along this stretch check out Part C of our route.

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