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Coastal Trek

As the weather took a sudden turn this year from mid-winter temperatures to high summer hear, we took advantage of the sunshine to get out and explore the coastal length of the Adventure All Ways route. When the sun is shining, the coast is the perfect place to be, with a gentle sea breeze to keep you cool!

We had a great couple of days walking from Flamborough to Filey and then onto Scarborough the next day. Flamborough to Filey was a wonderful whole day 13 mile walk, which was quite testing in the 25 degree heat and a real test on our strength for carrying the tent and rucksacks. Bempton cliffs was a real highlight of the day, it was great to spend a few minutes watching the birds and the amazing puffins which are beginning to come inland to breed. We would definitely recommend stopping here for a picnic!

We then had a great night’s stay at Centenary Way Camping and Caravan Park where we had a small paddock all to ourselves with springy grass and soft soil perfect for pegging up the tent! It was the perfect place to relax after a hard day of walking.

The next morning we had a relaxing start with a yummy breakfast and some yoga to limber up for the walk ahead. Filey to Scarborough was a more manageable 9 miles, and very easy to navigate as it follows the Cleveland way for more or less the entire way. This meant we had plenty of spare time to stop by the beach for some ice pops and a paddle. Cayton Bay was just beautiful and the water was very refreshing...maybe still a little on the cold side but the water will be warming all summer from now!

We went home with a sun tan, achey feet, beautiful photographs, happy memories and that unique feeling of satisfaction after a good long day walking. Can't wait to share more with you soon!

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