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We all know that exercise and fresh air are good for us, and that's one of the many reasons we believe it's important to get into the countryside. In the UK a huge number of people are suffering from being obesity, diabetes and asthma and we think that putting aside a bit of time for an adventure in the countryside can make a great deal of difference.  On this page you can find out why getting outdoors is important for our physical health.

It's the best place to exercise

There are so many opportunities to exercise outside. Simply exploring your surroundings will help to keep you healthy. In the great outdoors you can walk, run, cycle, climb trees, swim or even try 'plogging' (litter picking and jogging in one)! Watch these videos to learn about the many wonderful benefits of walking.

Walk for Health: The Best Medicine

Benefits of Walking, Walking Benefits, Walking for Health, Is Walking Good Exercise for You Health 

Sunshine & Vitamin D 

Vitamin D keeps our bones, muscles and teeth healthy. It's pretty fascinating that in the UK between late March and late September our bodies can create all the vitamin D they need when direct sunlight falls upon our skin. It's a good idea to take a shower before exposure to the sun, rather than after, so that you don't interfere with vitamin D absorption, which can take up to 48 hours! In the UK in summer most people with pale skin will need about 10 minutes of exposure to the sun without suncream to get all the vitamin D required. Darker skinned people will need more. Remember not to stay out much longer though... it's wise to move into the shade or put suncream on so that risk of skin cancer isn't unnecessarily heightened. Find out about extra benefits of sunlight in the video below!

5 benefits of sunlight - GuerrillaZen Fitness

What if you stopped going outside? - AsapSCIENCE

Breathe some fresh air

In many UK cities people are often breathing air which is polluted beyond the legal limits of what is acceptable. Thousands of people die premature deaths every year due to the toxic state of the air they breath. If you live in a town or city, getting away into a fresher, greener area is essential to allow us to breath cleaner air once in a while! It shouldn't be this way, but it is, so we need to stay informed on levels of air pollution where we live. It's another reason why we're encouraging you to travel sustainably on your trips away; using buses, bikes and feet is so much better for your health and the planet's health than a journey using cars and planes. 

Why is air pollution a problem? - British Heart Foundation

How air pollution impacts your body WHO Breathe Life

Relax the senses

Every now and then it can be really helpful to remove yourself from the overstimulation of the senses created by a busy urban environment. A day in a peaceful forest relaxing can significantly improve your concentration levels.

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