Mindful Trail

If you're one of the many people who spend excessive amounts of time indoors, this sort of adventure should be high on your to-do list. Keeping active and engaging with nature are proven to have significant benefits for our physical and mental health because they help us to relax and promote the release of feel good endorphins. 

It's true that doing any long distance walk is likely to be good for your health, but we have striven to make the Adventure All Ways Mindful trails  the ultimate stress release experience. We've found the best dark sky reserves for star gazing, the most beautiful woodlands for forest bathing, the best beaches for morning yoga and the clearest lakes for wild swimming. You may find yourself sunbathing in dappled forests, working out on the beach or waking up at dawn to watch the antics of puffins as the sun rises over white cliffs. Are you feeling more relaxed already?

For a little extra guidance on finding happiness and inner peace along your way,  why not try some  earthing  and meditation ?

Try out some yoga at a Buddhist meditation centre for peace and health.

Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi

Try out some meditation for peace and health. 

Spas and Massages

Strengthen your immune system, lower your blood pressure and enjoy the health boosting effect of being amongst trees.

forest bathing 

North Yorkshire is home to a number of dark sky reserves. These are places where you can get away from light pollution and really see the night sky.

visit a dark sky reserve

Watching the every day comings and goings of birds can be a wonderful form of escapism. Plus it's proven to be good for your mental health! 

calm with wildlife

Wild water swimming can be really great for your health.

swim under the sky

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