Meditation, Yoga and Tai Chi

The practice of meditation has been around for centuries, thought to have originally developed as part of Verdic or Early Hindu schools in India, it is now widely associated with Buddhism and since the 20th Century has become popular in the West. There are many different ways to meditate, including practising mindfulness, yoga and tai chi. Meditation, yoga and tai chi have been shown to reduce stress and even reduce the way your DNA responds to stress (find out more about that here) so it's the perfect activity to include in your Mindfulness Trail. Although we have pinpointed some of the places you can get involved with this along the Adventure All Ways route, remember that any beautiful spot you find along your way can be used for some meditation or yoga en route! 


This is a type of meditative discipline which involves being still, summed up by gotsu-za or "sitting immovable like a bold mountain". This class takes place at 7pm on Thursdays, although if you have never done zazen it is recommended you arrive at 6:45pm for a short introduction.

Dogen Sangha

Bridlington (Section A)

Tai Chi

Howard Gibbon describes Tai Chi as 'perhaps the best self help remedy for stress available'. Classes are available throughout Yorkshire, including in Bridlington and Scarborough. Courses also run and the website offers a free Tai Chi beginners manual if you subscribe to their blog.

by Master Howard Gibbon

Bridlington  & Scarborough ( Section A &B/C)


Kagyu Samye Dzong is a Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre for World Peace and Health. The centre has many classes on offer, including in yoga, pilates, mindfulness and meditation. You can also go on a retreat, have a massage therapy and enjoy the peaceful grounds of the centre, which is located in the heart of Scarborough.  

Kagyu Samye Dzong

Scarborough (Section B/C)


Yoga classes running Tuesday evenings, Thursday afternoon and Thursday evening in Osmotherly. The Iyengar yoga classes are open to all abilities and will help improve stamina, flexibility, strength and posture. It may be worth contacting in advance to check there is space in the class for you. Further from the route, classes also run in Northallerton and Thirsk.

North Yorkshire Yoga

Osmotherly ( Section F)

Beauty Spot

The limestone pavement above Malham Cove is one of the finest landscapes in the  Yorkshire Dales. Although it can get busy in the summer if you manage to get it to yourself it is the perfect place to stop and practice some meditation. There are many other limestone scars around this area of the Dales which may serve well during busier months. You may even want to do a bit of Tai Chi just like in Calendar Girls!

Limestone Pavement

Malham ( Section L)


Join a relaxing meditation, based on the Kadampa Buddhism teachings. The class aims to help you find peace and inner happiness.  The classes in Settle take place on a Monday and include guided meditation, a talk on how to practice and a group discussion. 

Meditation in the DAles

Settle (Section L)

Beauty Spot

When walking north from Scarborough to Whitby one of the most peaceful places we found was just before Boggle Hole. Mare's tale, a plant that has been around so long it is known as a living fossil, grows in abundance taking you back to a prehistoric world. If you are looking for a spot to practice your meditation, mindfulness or yoga this may be just the thing! Find out more about meditating in nature in the link below.

Prehistoric Grass

Boggle Hole(Section C)


Raw horizons run several wellbeing retreat events over the year. They are quite pricey but ideal for the ultimate relaxation break and are specifically aimed at women. Yoga and meditation classes are also available.

Raw Horizons

Thirsk (Section G)

Beauty Spot

Gormire Lake is often described as incredibly peaceful so it is the perfect place to stop off at if you are on our Mindfulness Trail. In fact any lake, river or sea you come across with a rocky shore is the ideal spot to practice stone balancing, often known as Zen Stones or Upala Yoga (stone yoga). The concentration used for balancing stones creates a similar effect to that of practising mindfulness and it is also a great way to stay in touch with nature.

Stone Balancing

Gormire Lake (Section F)