Forests and Woodland

The woodlands and forests in Yorkshire are the perfect place to head to if you are fan of nature as they are home to many species of plant and animals. If you are going to start exploring forests the first thing to start with is identying some of the trees you may find, find out more from the Woodland Trust. Many forests can feel like magical places, so full of beauty and life that you feel transported to another world! They are great places to really explore nature and the myths and legends that often go along with some of the native tree species (find out more about this folklore here). In addition to being great for wildlife they can also act as carbon sinks as trees take in carbon dioxide, helping to reduce the impacts of human-induced climate change. 


This mixed woodland stretches to the sea, making it the ultimate spot to relax in the shade of a forest and hear rolling waves on the rocky shore. It is currently under the management of the National Trust who are restoring it to its orignal state: thinnning out the conifers and planting oak, ash and beech. Best of all the adventure allways route passes straigh through it!

Hayburn Wyke Woods

Cloughton (Section B)


The Broadleaved trees of Little Beck Wood include oak, ash, alder and cherry. The reserve, owned and managed by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust as a magnificent under story which includes bluebell, purple orchid and wood anemone and is home to badgers, deer and tree creepers. There is also a pasture which is cut for hay and grazed by livestock. LittleBeck is three miles south of Sleights. 

Little Beck Wood Nature Reserve

Little Beck( Section D)


The woodland around Helmsley is some of the most ancient in Yorkshire, with trees being found in this area for thousands of years. These old trees provide great habitat for many insects and birds. You can stand in some of these woodlands at Ashberry Nature Reserve, Duncombe Park and Rievaulx Terrace. The reserve at Garbutt Wood, though more recent in origin is another fantastic woodland in the area.

Ashberry and Garbutt Woods

Ryedale (Section F)

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Hudswell woods, owned by the National Trust, is an anceint woodland and meadow running along the banks of the River Swale. In the dappled shade on a summers day you may be joined by chimney sweeper moths, marmalade hoverflies and pied wagtales. The meadow is grazed by livestock, which allows many wildflowers to grow. Many of the trees are native ash and wych elm, although sycamore and coniferous trees are also present.

Hudswell Woods

Richmond (Section  H)

Ancient Woodland

This woodland has many hazel trees which have been coppiced for centuries, which helps to manage the forest for many plants living in the understory. The woodland runs next to the River Ure, where the Middle and Lower Falls of Aysgarth Falls can be viewed. The gentle bubbling of the waterfalls adds to the relaxing forest experience of Freeholders Wood.

Freeholders Wood

Aysgarth ( Section I)


Grass Wood, which grows on a series of limestone terraces is one of the largest areas of broadleaved forest in the Yorkshire Dales. The main tree species is ash which gives the woodland an airy, light feel. There are a few valuable plant species on the forest floor, including bird's nest orchid and spring sandwort. For herb lovers wild garlic and wild basil also grow here. 

Grass Wood

Grassington (Section K/L)

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