Conservation Volunteering

If you really want to get to know the nature of Yorkshire one of the best ways to really understand it is through volunteering in conservation.  It's a great way of meeting new people, learning something new and giving something back to nature!

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Yorkshire Wildlife Trust is one of 46 local charities that are part of the Wildlife Trusts. They work across the county in over 200 nature reserves and on various other projects and events. They work with over 600 volunteers on practical conservation tasks, beach cleans and community engagement events. They mostly work with regular volunteers, however there may be some events to get involved with on a one of day, so check out their website.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust

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WWOOF is an international organisation, offering opportunities to live and volunteer on organic farms. Volunteering on an organic farm is a great way to find out more about where your food comes from and how land can be managed. So don your wellies and flat caps and get ready for the farming life.


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The National Trust has a whole host of volunteering opportunities, inlcuding in their gardens and out in the countryside or along the coast. They also have internships availbale during the summer holidays and some one-off volunteer days, such as beach cleans (although these are often aimed at families). There are many National Trust sites along the route including Rievaulx Terrace, Mount Grace Priory, Moulton Hall, Hudswell Woods, Upper Wharfdale, Malham Tarn Estate and the Yorkshire Coast.

National Trust

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Volunteering with the North York Moors National Park can be a great way to find out more about this fabulous landscape. In particular there are opportunies for practical conservation, which may inlcude tree planting, habitat management and maintaining footpaths. The National Park is also currently involved in The Land of Iron project which also offers more experiences for volunteers, find out more about this project here.

North York Moors National Park

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The Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust work to help the rivers of the Yorkshire Dales to enhance the environment and ensure that the rivers benefit people. The work with over 125 volunteers and tasks invovle activities such as willow spiling, tree planting, fencing and surveying. These task days run a couple of times a month at different locations across the Dales.

Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust

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The Yorkshire Dales National Park work with many different volunteers from maintaining footpaths, leading group walks and surveying buildings. Although most of the roles are sedigned for more regular volunteers group volunteering is sometimes possible so if you are travelling with friends you may be able to get involved with helping to conserve the fantastic Yorkshire Dales National Park!

Yorkshire Dales National Park

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