Bushcraft and survival

If you're out in the wilds, lost and without signal, what do you think you should do first? What are the three things we need to survive? Water, food and warmth. But which should you seek first?

The answer is warmth! We need shelter, especially during cooler months and at night, to prevent the onset of hypothermia which can be fatal. Find or build that shelter with whatever you have at hand; by digging into the earth, covering yourself with natural materials or using man made materials you brought with you. 

The next step is to find water. Water runs down hill, and it usually makes a sound. So use your sight to find low ground and your ears to listen for trickling liquid. 

When you've successfully built a shelter and had a drink then you can find something to eat. You can go three whole weeks without eating, but only three days without drinking and as little as three hours without warmth. One fun option is to build a fire as shown below.

Our guide to lighting a fire

Step one.

1. Gather and organise sticks

Step two.

2. Create a 'bed' with straight sticks.

Step three

3. Create an 'arrow' pointing in the direction of the wind.

Step four

4. Use a flint and steel to set light to cotton wool.

Step five

5. Cover cotton wool in kindling.

Step six

6. Blow gently and add more sticks and logs.

Whittle a kazoo

Once you've made a fire you might like to whittle a musical kazoo to play around it! Always cut away from you and use a good sharp knife to make it smooth and easy.  Take a small branch the size of a marker pen and cut it to a six inch length. Stand it firmly on the ground and place your knife straight over the centre. Now use a rock or hammer to gently slice through the centre to create two halves. After this create an inch long notch in the centre of each inner piece of the kazoo. Place a nice flat strand of grass lenthways in between the two peices of wood and secure at either end with an elastic band. Perfect, you're ready to make music!